LeadAlways Technology

About Us

A leading information technology company and beyond.

A full fledge Information Technology company that specializing in creation of multi-platform technology solution. Our solutions have helped many of our clients increased their productivity.

Our capabilities includes:-

  • Web Development
  • Technical Support
  • Customs System Integration
  • Customs Software Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development

Company Background

LeadAlways Technology is a multi-platform Information Technology company that develop products and services integrating with the idea of Internet of Thing to provide sustainable technology solution.

LeadAlways Technology began its operation on the year 1984 and is an associate company of LeadAlways Sdn. Bhd. LeadAlways Technology is experienced with creating varieties of premium hardware and software solution ranging from office to commercial application.

With a team of expertise from various field, the LeadAlways Technology team is capable of undertaking a full fledge of Information Technology industrial challenges. LeadAlways Technology specializing in creation of multi-platform technology solution. Our capabilities includes iOS app development, web development, system integration and custom written software to increase productivity of your company. Our solutions have helped many of our clients increased their productivity.

LeadAlways Technology have won numerous award including a most recent achievement awarded by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in which the company have won the category for the best prototype in the program MIT Global Startup Lab.

Our Services

Software Development

We provide custom software engineering and development solution specially catered to your businesses needs and requirements.

Multi Platform Support

We develops software solution that supports multiple platform ranging from computer to mobile operating system.

Consultancy Service

Wanted to upgrade your IT infrastructure? Having problem with your current IT services? We are here for the job!

Internet Marketing

We provide online marketing solution to increase your online present out in the world wide web.

Expert Technical Support

We provide first hand technical expertise to our customer to resolve any technical difficulties faced by our client.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our utmost importance. We believe that customer plays a vital role in the development of any systems.

Quality Assured

We take the quality of our product very seriously. All processes are in accordance with international standards.

Environmental Friendly

We offer environmental friendly and cost saving solution for your business.



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